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Entry Living

Dining and Kitchen

Bridge Hampton Residence

Newly constructed, the client wanted a home that looked like it had been standing for 100 years–having the look of an elegant English country house. European antiques were used and mixed with new classical furnishings to give a relaxed, classic entertaining residence with complete livability.

Marina Del Rey Residence

This three story home project began with a poorly constructed house and great architectural bones. A complete renovation was completed on this now contemporary and elegant residence.

Manhattan Highrise

This spectacular apartment had elegant city views with an outdated 50’s interior. It was updated with minimal renovation. The interior design with furnishings and art gave this spectacular space a modern sensibility.

Park Avenue Penthouse

This magnificent penthouse was a very challenging project. The expansive ballroom of an old building with 25 ft. ceilings needed an inviting presence and intimate feeling. Blending traditional with transitional furnishings gave a feeling of warmth and elegance and made this space much more usable.

Miami Residence

This structure had very simple architecture with no views and difficult floor plan. Our use of the space greatly increased the value.

Singer Island Residence

A condominium with beautiful views and ordinary architecture needed a glamorous interior that would justify the value of the property.

The Nancy Corzine Suite at the Peninsula Hotel

This 5 Star Hotel commissioned Nancy to design a suite that would give their high end clients a feeling of comfort, luxury, glamour and elegance.

Los Angles Penthouse

The owner wanted this 3000 sq. ft. ordinary condominium to have the illusion of being a much larger space and to have a glamorous interior.

Palm Beach Residence

A complete renovation was completed on this townhouse, which was originally poorly constructed with a difficult layout. The small cut up rooms were made into elegant and roomy spaces. The garden was designed to open up and join the house and pool creating an inviting outdoor space.

South Hampton Media Room

This dark basement room with no windows and low ceilings was made into a clean contemporary media room that is warm and appealing.